Get To Know That Candidate

Give your company—and your new recruit—the chance to think it over before making a long-term commitment. There’s no better way to find out if that candidate is the right choice for your permanent position than by trying them out on the job. See how they perform, how they interact with other employees and how they fit into your company’s value ecosystem.

Minimize Your Risk

Temp-to-Hire gives you the opportunity to make a thoughtful decision with less pressure than a direct hire. Temporary staffing gives you the power to pivot, and adjust to changing business conditions quickly. This minimizes your long-term financial commitments and maximizes the efficiency of your organization. When you use temps, you reduce your turnover expense, eliminate administrative and payroll costs, simplify internal operations and quickly meet increased demand.

How Does Temp-to-Hire Work?

If you hire the employee, then you get credit for all hours worked. After 720 hours, Temp-To-Hire employees are eligible for direct hire at no additional cost. That’s more than cost savings—that’s peace of mind.

I need a temp-to-hire employee.